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Building regulation search

The local authority search includes information related to building regulations compliance for the property. Building regulations are a set of standards and requirements that ensure the health, safety, welfare, and energy efficiency of buildings. When alterations, extensions, or renovations are carried out on a property, they may require building regulations approval.

During the local authority search, the information obtained will indicate whether the property has complied with building regulations. It provides details on any building regulations approvals or certificates that have been issued for work done on the property. This could include structural changes, electrical installations, plumbing, or other aspects that require adherence to building regulations.

By verifying building regulations compliance, the search helps to ensure that any alterations or improvements made to the property meet the necessary standards and have the appropriate approvals in place. This is important for both the safety and integrity of the property, as well as for potential future saleability. Non-compliance with building regulations can lead to issues when selling the property or potential liabilities if the work is found to be unsafe or substandard.

The local authority search, in relation to building regulations, assists in providing a comprehensive understanding of the property’s compliance with the required standards, contributing to the overall assessment of the property’s suitability for a mortgage and the associated risk factors.

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