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Independent Mortgage Advice

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There is a huge selection of residential mortgage products available. Our job is to find the best mortgage that is the most suitable for you.

We’ll explain the different types of mortgage, what the repayments on your mortgage will be plus other related costs such as stamp duty and surveys.

Below are the main categories with some extra information explaining how our mortgage advisors can help you.

Choosing a mortgage is an important financial decision and it’s easier with someone who’s on your side

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remortgage guide


For people who are moving home or buying a home to live in, including first time buyers.

We can help if you are buying your first home or your tenth!

Our mortgage team can look after the mortgage research, the paperwork and the chasing needed afterwards.

moving home

For borrowers who would like to change their mortgage lender without moving.

When remortgaging you can also borrow more money, change mortgage term and even repayment method.  Remortgaging is a relatively simple process but we still provide a full mortgage advice service and aftercare including options for day one remortgages.


For borrowers who would like to change their mortgage product without changing lender.

We can help choose the best product transfer for you and also check if a remortgage may be a financially better option.

product transfers

For homeowners who need to borrow more money.

Occasionally your existing lender is not the right choice when you need to borrow some extra money. Secured homeowner loans are normally a cheaper option than unsecured personal loans.

homeowner loans

Expert help for self-employed business owners

If you are self-employed and are looking to remortgage or move home our advisors can get the right mortgage for your circumstances.

Self employed mortgages

For CIS subcontractors

Apply for a CIS mortgage using your gross pay, instead of self assessment net profit.

CIS mortgages

Finance to purchase or remortgage a UK holiday home

Second homes are getting more popular each year. We can help you choose the best second home mortgage and provide guidance and options for raising the deposit.

second home mortgages

For experienced and first time landlords

We are perfectly placed to help you find a buy to let mortgage solution that matches your property needs for individuals, families, investors, landlords and Limited Companies.

buy to let mortgages

For property investors in the holiday letting and short term letting market

Since 2006 we have been providing clients with whole of market advice for holiday let mortgages. Finance available to buy, develop and remortgage UK properties including AirBnb.

holiday let mortgages


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about us & how we can help you.

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Our mortgage affordability calculator will help you work out how much you can borrow. Just enter some basic financial details and let our calculator search over 50 lenders, giving you a quick borrowing estimate in seconds.


Why use a mortgage broker ?

Most people know that you can arrange a mortgage without using a mortgage broker. By doing this you would be dealing directly with the lender. This can work well for some but others, especially first-time buyers, may feel more comfortable with an adviser who understands what they need and can guide them through the mortgage process.

So what does a mortgage broker do?

FINDS YOU A MORTGAGE – This is perhaps a little simplistic but it is the main reason for using an independent mortgage broker. Your adviser will first need to understand all of your finances and your mortgage requirements. They can then begin to search through hundreds of different mortgage products and options to see which ones are available to you. Some of these will be from well known high street lenders but many will be from specialist lenders only accessible via a broker, giving you a wider choice.

This all takes quite a bit of time and a lot of knowledge. It’s time that you can spend doing other things because you are using a broker. Once a deal has been found your mortgage advisor will explain it to you and let you know why they have selected it over others.

HELPS WITH THE PAPERWORK – Again this seems like a simple task but don’t underestimate how long the mortgage application paperwork will take and what information should be provided to the lender. But your mortgage brokers work is not finished yet. They will liaise with the lender to obtain a mortgage offer and check that it is correct. They will also keep in contact with the solicitors and estate agents to be aware of the property chain and any deadlines that must be met.

  • Independent mortgage brokers give you access to the widest range of mortgage deals available
  • Mortgage brokers must be qualified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to give mortgage advice

Can I just use a comparison website ?

A mortgage comparison website may be a good place to start if your circumstances are relatively simple. However these sites do not show all the mortgage deals and so you won’t see the full range of mortgages.

They also do not cope well with borrowers who have complex needs or who’s financial situation is not straightforward. 

Remember that if you do apply via this type of website you will be dealing direct with a lender, without the support of a whole of market mortgage broker and their team.


  • We will aim to explain the service that we provide, along with the true cost, benefits & consequence of any product or service you buy from us.
  • We will ask a number of questions that will enable us to fully understand your circumstances, needs & budget.
  • Your personal information will always be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • We will strive to make strong relationships with product & service providers to ensure they mirror our commitment to you.
  • We will always explain paperwork to you in a way you understand & support our advice with timely, easy to comprehend documentation.
  • Where we charge a fee for our services we promise that it will reasonable & justifiable.
  • We will always give you the most suitable advice – even if it means losing your business to a competitor.
  • All of our staff will be professional & courteous to you even if they are not directly involved in your business.