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Whether you’re buying a home, remortgaging or investing in property we can help.


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Whether you’re buying a home, remortgaging or investing in property we can help.

We are specialist mortgage and finance brokers, independent of all lenders, who are focused on helping you get the finance you need.








We are specialist mortgage and finance brokers, independent of all lenders, who are focused on helping you get the finance you need.

Our Services

Why choose Drake Mortgages?


Jargon free personal mortgage advice that’s just right for your financial circumstances.


We’re not tied or restricted to a panel of lenders. We search them all to get you a great deal.


Over 25 years of experience means we can arrange mortgages for every type of client.

Mortgage choice

As independent mortgage brokers we have access to a wide range of lenders and mortgage products. Most people choose a broker knowing that they have a choice of mortgages available. But we have access to the main high street lenders, plus their ‘broker only’ products, plus all of the specialist mortgage lenders. This adds up to a lot of choice! With deals that cannot be found on mortgage comparison websites.

Up to date information

Our mortgage brokers see products come and go on a daily basis. They get information alerts from the lenders and sourcing systems, ensuring they always have the most up to date options to hand. So when the right deal comes in that suits you they can act fast.


Although systems have been improved, applying for a mortgage does still require a certain amount of paperwork. Our brokers can forewarn you of what is needed, giving you valuable time to locate everything requested. Once received, our mortgage team will check through to make sure it’s in order. This can save valuable mortgage processing time. Mortgage applications that include a full submission of documents often move through the lender’s system quicker.

Credit profile

Many brokers, including ourselves, will help many clients who’s needs or circumstances don’t always fit the high street lenders rigid criteria. Where clients apply directly either their situation or the lenders criteria may cause the application to be declined. Do this more than once in a short period and your credit profile can start to tell a story. Our brokers will aim to place your mortgage with the best lender who wants your business on the first application.

Impartial advice

We work for you and not the lender. If you go direct to a lender they are unlikely to recommend you contact the bank next door as their product is better suited to you! We will always offer you straightforward, impartial advice without the jargon. If we can’t help you then we will say that as well. Mortgage meetings can be done over email and phone so there’s no need for a face to face meeting.

Mortgage research

If you had the time (and you’d need quite a lot) it would be possible to search and find a mortgage that would suit your needs from the banks and building societies that accept applications direct from borrowers. But you would not be able to find or assess the specialist mortgages and broker only deals. So you will never really know if you selected the best deal. Brokers have the knowledge, experience and tools to search through thousands of different options to get the few that best suit you. Simply applying for a mortgage or moving house is stressful enough, let your broker remove the hassle of finding you the right mortgage.


This is often invaluable for property investments and property development situations. We are happy to chew over the various options and decisions needed to make these projects profitable now and in the future before even starting to look for a finance solution. Exit strategies, SPV and Limited Company status, choice of rental property and planning issues. We have working knowledge of property law, property taxation, buildings insurance, construction. A good mortgage broker will form an important role in your team of property professionals.


Some brokers will deal with all and every type of mortgage client. As with many other professions, it will benefit you to seek out a broker that is an expert with the type of mortgage or solution you need. For example the knowledge needed for property development finance and bridging loans is very different to the knowledge needed for a first time buyer.

Qualified brokers

All brokers are appropriately qualified with at least 20 years experience and all listed in FCA directory. Our mortgage advisers will assess your eligibility for the products on offer from lenders based on your financial circumstances. Years of dealing with lenders also builds strong relationships enabling our brokers to understand what each lender needs and wants from a new customer.

Mortgage reviews

Mortgage deals such as a fixed rate generally last for a set amount of time; 2 years, 5 years etc. Our brokers can contact you towards the end of the product expiry to review your mortgage options. Possible actions could be either a product transfer or remortgage to keep your mortgage as competitive as possible.

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Please get in touch if you would like to know more about us & how we can help you. Call 020 8301 7930 or email info@drakemortgages.co.uk

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Please get in touch if you would like to know more about us & how we can help you. 020 8301 7930 or info@drakemortgages.co.uk

What do our customers say…

What do our customers say…