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Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The UK Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a government-administered system that sets out guidelines and rules for tax and National Insurance contributions when contractors pay subcontractors for construction work.

It applies to businesses operating in the construction industry. Under this scheme, contractors must register with HMRC and keep records of payments made to subcontractors. Subcontractors can optionally register under CIS to receive money from the contractor using preferred terms.

The goal of CIS is to ensure that everyone is paying their taxes appropriately, as well as ensuring fairness within the industry by ensuring payments are made on time.

CIS registered subcontractors can gain access to CIS mortgage schemes.

These CIS mortgages are calculated differently, allowing them to apply for a mortgage based on the gross paid income, rather than a net self assessment figure.


Choosing a mortgage is an important financial decision and it’s easier with someone who’s on your side. We work as a whole of market mortgage broker so that you get the best possible choice of mortgages.



We are perfectly placed to help you find a buy to let mortgage solution that matches your property needs for individuals, families, investors, landlords and Limited Companies.

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We are experienced whole of market brokers who can help you get a great holiday let mortgage.

We can also give you access to exclusive schemes and some specialist lenders who don’t deal direct with borrowers. Loans are available to individuals and SPV’s upto 75% and we can help with Scottish properties, mixed use, multi-lets and Airbnb.

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Bridging loans are one of the most useful, multi-purpose, types of lending solutions available. You can get a bridging loan approved on almost any property for almost any reason. Great for auction purchases or snapping up a buy to let bargain.

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bridging loans

Development finance is designed to help with the purchase and build costs for a residential development project.

Solutions are available for change of use, ground-up projects, refurbishment or major building work and property extensions.

development loans
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