Norman Phillips

Managing Director

Norman Phillips

About Norman

Norman has been in the financial services industry since 1987. For the first 10 to 15 years this was quite broad in scope including inheritance tax, residential mortgages and pensions, but this gradually changed such that since 2005 he has specialised in property finance.

Whereas residential mortgages, commercial loans and property development finance have always been available in the marketplace, Norman has also been at the forefront of the evolving requirements that include Buy-to-Let and Holiday Let mortgages. This breadth of experience makes him an excellent problem solver and someone who is particularly adept at “thinking out of the box”.

On a personal basis he has completed a number of his own property developments and owns a number of investment properties. Not only does this give him in-depth knowledge of both subjects but an empathy for the problems faced by his clients.

To add to this, he has a good working knowledge of taxation, town planning and, as a director of a residential letting agency, a lot of the thorny issues to do with letting.

Specialist areas

As a problem solver and alternative thinker Norman likes to get involved in the more complex cases that require more creative strategies.

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